Advantages of Metavr

Our expert designers, craftsmen and technicians provide even the most demanding client with the exact product they are looking for - guaranteed!


Custom modular construction allows for the ability to do both right, left and right/left nested checkout counter combinations


Our precision designed checkout counters are designed using the latest ergonomic technology, resulting in less down-time and increased employee comfort and productivity


We use the highest quality materials and our counters are designed with safety as a top priority. We employ highly reliable components including gradual-start conveyor belts equipped with photocells and an emergency stop botton


Modern designs equate to faster throughput. We employ point of sale technology from the leading manufacturers, including scales, pin-pads, dual-sided monitors, etc

At Metavr — we bring your ideas to life!

  • Customized fabrication from idea conception to delivery of the final product
  • Modular Solutions
  • Quality Materials and Components
  • Local Production
  • Top Level Delivery, Service and Assembly
  • Ergonomically Efficient Workspace
  • 2-Year Guarantee

Point of Sale Solutions


Workplace Layout

We have a wide variety of cashier's layouts available to choose from



Ensuring of the automatic stop of the conveyor belt


Belt Module

We use high-quality belt modules insuring smooth delivery of goods from customer to cashier


Basket Holder

Our unique design allows a convenient place for a shopper's basket, allowing for a quick, easy and safe transfer of products from basket to belt


Crash-Resistant Bumper Guards

Our high quality crash-resistant bumper guards protect the entire check-out counter


Pin Pad

The Pin Pad location is customizable based on the needs of each customer


Customer Product Basin Divider

This allows for separation of goods from different customers, allowing for quicker POS throughput


Trash Tray

Allows for quick and easy conveyor belt cleaning and maintenance


Remote CP Keyboard for Belt Management

This easy-to-access keyboard assembly allows for quick access to manual and automated controls for smooth and safe belt operation


Side Table

This side table allows for the easy addition of additional point of sale equipment.


Bag board

Allows for the quick and efficient transfer of purchased goods from product basin to the shopping cart

Boxes and Drawers

Additional boxes and drawers allow additional storage space and extend the functionality of the cashier's side table


Doors restrict access to the checkout counter's protected under-counter storage spaces, and have the option of being equipped with locks

Floors and Boards

Floors and boards allow the cashier to access the under-spaces of the checkout counter more efficiently


Poles have two purposes within the checkout counter's framework. 1) to provide additional load bearing and support. 2) As a conduit to the ceiling as a method of communications to a central hub and within stations


Lamps are used to identify each station and to signal an open checkout lane

Bag hooks

Hooks are available for hanging bags and can be placed in different parts of the perimeter customer-side of the counter

Aisle closer

Aisle Closers are designed to signify a closed checkout station


There are plastic/rubber divider sticks used to separate one customer's merchandise from another's

Foot Support

These are another part of our emphasis on keeping an ergonomic workstation up to code, ensuring a more comfortable cashier. And as we know, a more comfortable cashier is a harder working cashier, resulting in higher POS throughput

Configurations of checkouts

Solo version

Suitable for smaller format retail spaces such as mini-markets, kiosks and supermarkets and can be configured with or without a conveyor belt.

The solo version is customizable for both right and left customer work flows at the counter.

Wrapped in stainless steel throughout the entire perimeter, intelligent design and variations in the length of the belt and depth of the basin all add to the thoughtful integration of the informatics, both in frontal as well as horizontal execution.

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Tandem version

Suitable for retail space formats such as hyper/supermarkets, minimarkets, etc. And like all of our counters, it can be customized without the conveyor belt.

Available with a combination of deep and narrow basins, intelligent design constructed with stainless steel around the circumference of the unit. The result is a highly compact organization of the checkout/POS zone resulting in high throughput of goods per minute. This is one of our most efficient models in terms of maximizing throughput and efficiency.

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Island version

This very versatile unit is suitable for both mini and super/hyper markets; and like all of our units, these counters are available without the conveyor belt.

Mirrored checkout counters allow for the integration of racks for small goods/supplies and high ergonomics of the POS allowing for doubling-up of recourses, reducing time in line and increasing throughput. This unit is available with any length of belt you desire and multiple basin depths. The basins can be combined for both checkouts. Again, this dual unit is manufactured using the same high quality materials as the rest of our line, along with easy maintenance and operation.

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About Us

Metavr is a wholly-owned production company of skilled metal fabricators. We love our work and pay close attention to detail. The quality of workmanship is second to none, our work is guaranteed and our prices are the most competitive in the industry. We look forward to helping you turn your visions into reality.